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Spring Water Main Flush

The annual spring water main flush continues this week in the subdivisions along CR600N.  There many be temporary water discoloration that should not persist more than a few seconds. If color is noticeable, run water in a tub or outdoor hydrant until clear. 

Irrigation Season Coming Soon

Use care to shut off outdoor water spigots after use, to prevent water loss. The start date for seasonal sprinkling credit on sewage bills is June 15. Your bill will be adjusted to the average winter sewage bill if it is lower than the actual amount, for August, September and October bills. 


Officer Elections

See the Board Meeting section for information and documents regarding Annual Meeting held January 20, 2021. Phil Baer was elected 2021 Chairman, Rick Oliver is the Vice Chairman. 



Emergency Alert

Subscribe to Emergency Alerts for text or email regarding water system events. Click the red box in the far right column of this page. Alerts reach most carriers within a minute, and the full message is always available on this website if your phone does not carry the entire text.  

New Utility Bill Format

The conversion to new software for customer accounts brings a new look to the delinquent notice and utility bill. Please look for a window envelope instead of the postcards. Email bills will be available in the near future! Information to register for this service will be provided when the customer portal is fully ready for business. 

Pay My Bill Online

Click the green box in the upper right corner of this page to launch the bill pay application. Or, use the mail slot located in the front door of the utility office, 100 College Street.  The utility office is open but may be locked to maintain social distance for customers until everyone is comfortable with masks/no masks. Thank you for patience! 


Water - It's There When You Need It!

Water - It's There When You Need It!

May 01, 2021

There When You Need It : What Water Does For You! 

Cheers and Raise Your Water Glass! Yes, it is time to turn on that tap and fill up that water jug as we celebrate Drinking Water Week 2021

Every year, during the first week of May, Water professionals across North America celebrate Water and all it provides to our communities and lives. This year’s theme is There When You Need It.

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